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Golden Artist Colors' Acrylics can be used for painting exterior murals. Use this information to select the proper system for your needs. SURFACE CONSIDERATIONS Careful selection of surface for mural work should be done first. The ideal situation would allow the artist to work on a smooth surface. If the mural is not an existing structure, but will be constructed specifically for your artwork, carefully consider the choice of building materials to be painted. For example, there are many plywood grades available. MDO plywood (Medium Density Overlay), often referred to as "sign painters board", is a high-quality plywood that is...

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Golden Artist Colors, Inc., started creating Golden Fluid Colors on a custom basis for artists requesting a low-viscosity, pigment-saturated paint. Some of these artists wanted to pour, puddle, and drip their acrylic paints, others wanted to stain, using the acrylics as an alternative to watercolors, and still others wanted to use the paints for spray application. Many artists were already thinning Golden Heavy Body Acrylics with water to achieve these effects. Although simply adding water or medium met the needs of most artists, some felt the resulting paint was not strong enough. These artists desired an undiluted acrylic paint that...

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