Aluminium Painting Panels

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With a width of 3mm thick, this modern painting surface is made from two sheets of aluminium with a polyurethane core, making the panel both light and very strong. Aluminium Painting Panels have been used for many years in the signage industry and the arts community are now embracing this incredible product as a painting surface.

The Aluminium Painting Panel is coated on one side with a protective layer that has a brushed silver finish. We recommend painting on the other side, which has an exposed aluminium surface. The panels can be lightly sanded and primed like any other surface or artists can paint directly onto the reflective metal.

  • Offers a perfectly flat surface, without knots or imperfections
  • Light weight but strong, perfect for larger works.
  • Will not warp in humid environments
  • Can be cut to size at home with a sharp utility knife and cutting mat
  • The reflective metal can be painted on directly or primed.
  • Takes up minimal storage space in the studio
Hanging the Aluminium Panels

To display them – like all flat panels with no edging structure they will need to be framed or have a hanging system glued to the back.
You can adhere a wood strip to the back that will take screws for hanging.
You can use regular pva to adhere a thick strip of plywood to the panel. It is so well adhered it seems permanent.
Be aware – as with all glues you need to create a firm contact between the two surfaces and the glue. Clamping is best, a heavy weight will work.
Because clamping might damage a painting you can glue the wood strip on using a clamp before you paint or if you need to add the wood strip after you can use weights.