Jacquard PEARL EX Pigment 21gm

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Add a lustrous glow to paintings, drawings, sculpture, stamping, jewelry, and more! Made from powdered mica, Non-toxic, inert, powdered pigments that exhibit extreme colour fastness and stability. Ideal for interior, exterior and archival applications, they can be incorporated into any viscous medium ie: oil, acrylic, gouache, varnish and clay or they may be spread dry on any porous surface. Their temperature resistance allows them to be fired in a kiln up to 600˚F. They may also be used dry and then sealed.

The different particle sizes produce different looks from a fine, smooth, pearly lustre to a highly metallic sheen. Traditional pigments can be mixed with Pearl-Ex to further enhance the possibilities. Interference pigments and the duo-colours display two tone qualities depending on the light angle.