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Art Basics Badger Hair mix Deerfoot 127D brush

Original price $4.50 - Original price $12.95
Original price
$4.50 - $12.95
Current price $4.50

This deerfoot brush is made with a badger hair mix, making it very stiff and long lasting. Recommended by ceramic and folk art artists, this brush is ideal for stencil, dry shading application, scumbling effects in folk art i.e. teddy bear painting and for special effects (textured areas) in more general painting applications. Handy for decorative painting. Short handle.

1/16 is 2mm across the ferral

1/8 is 4mm across the ferral

1/4 is 6mm across the ferral

3/8 is 8mm across the ferral

1/2 is 10mm across the ferral