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Buy 3 Jo Sonja's Acrylic 75ml Paints, get a 4th FREE | Ends 23.05.22
Buy 3 Jo Sonja's Acrylic 75ml Paints, get a 4th FREE | Ends 23.05.22

Coloured Sumi Ink Stick Sets

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These solid coloured ink sticks are traditionally used for calligraphy and chinese brush painting. 

In Sumi the artist grinds their own ink using an ink stick and a grinding stone. Ink sticks are generally made of densely packed ash from Asian pine trees and a little glue. The artist puts a few drops of water on the ink stone and grinds the ink stick in a circular motion until a smooth ink is made of the desired concentration.

Each coloured ink stick has a gold dragon painted on one side. The colours included in this set are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White. These five colours have significance within Chinese culture - Red, corresponding with fire, symbolizes good fortune and joy. Yellow, corresponding with earth, signifies neutrality and good luck. Green/Blue is generally associated with health, prosperity, and harmony. White corresponding with metal, represents gold and symbolises brightness, purity, and fulfilment. 

The colours can be used on their own or mixed together to create new shades and tones.

Set of 5 x 31gm sticks 75 x 20 x 10mm