Art Spectrum Colourfix Paper ORIGINAL 340gsm pack of 10 sheets

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Colourfix papers are sheets pre-primed with Art Spectrum Pastel Primer. You can put down many layers of pastel on Colourfix and the colour still grabs without skidding. No need for fixative. Permanent Art Spectrum Pastel Primer has been professionally screened onto 300gsm Canaletto water colour paper to give you Colourfix, primed pastel paper. It has a toothy surface that improves pastel performance. Colourfix is acid free, lightfast and fully permanent. For oil painting Colourfix Paper requires a light coat of an acrylic painting medium. Art Spectrum Gel Medium mixed with oil paint is quick drying and gives good results.

Available in 2 sizes 23 x 30cm and 50 x70cm packs of 10 sheets