Winsor & Newton Gouache Sets

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A range of brilliant opaque watercolour sets for designers, visualisers and illustrators. Made from the very best pigments and highest grade of gums and wetting agents to ensure an even flow and exceptional tinting strength. Dries to a matt finish. Suitable for use with brush, airbrush and ruling pen on most types of paper and board. Gouache is however also used by fine artists as an opaque watercolour or in combination with artists' watercolour.

Introductory Set of 10 x 14ml tubes colours include: Primary Yellow, Spectrum Red, Primary Red, Primary Blue, Ultramarine, Permanent Green, Yellow Ochre, Black, Zinc White.
Primary Set of 6 x 14ml tubes colours include: Primary Yellow, Primary Red, Primary Blue, Permanent Green, Ivory Black, Zinc White.