Gedeo Colour Resin

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Pebeo Gedeo Resins are transparent resins that are ideal for molding, coatings, lamination, and more. Their strength and transparency render a uniquely vitreous effect that replicates the look of glass.

Mixable with each other, and with the Crystal Resin, the Gédéo Colour Resins offer infinite shade possibilities! 

Perfect for creating jewelry and pendants, or for making decorative embellishments and dimensional inclusions, Pebeo Gedeo Resins can also be used as a protective laminate or coating over art pieces.

Gedeo Resins are available in a variety of colours and can be used on canvas, metal, wood, pictures, post cards, and more. They dry within 24 hours to a shiny, hard, non-yellowing finish.

Lapiz Blue