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Buy 3 Jo Sonja's Acrylic 75ml Paints, get a 4th FREE | Ends 23.05.22
Buy 3 Jo Sonja's Acrylic 75ml Paints, get a 4th FREE | Ends 23.05.22

Derivan Fabric Fixative

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If washproof fabric paint is required, Derivan Fabric Fixative mixed with Derivan colours will become permanent on clothes after heat fixing.

Mix equal parts of Fabric Fixative and Derivan colours, then paint and let dry before you heat set with an iron to make the garment wash-fast.

Some synthetic fabrics are non-absorbent and thus not suitable for paint application. Test your fabric beforehand. Also avoid applying the paint too thickly as this may cause the paint to crack.

Heat Fixing Prints

It is necessary to heat fix the image. To render it washproof. Heat fixing can take many forms. The main points to be observed are:

  • The image has been air dried before it is heat fixed.
  • When heat fixing, the heat is applied evenly over the image.
  • The heat is applied continuously for the required time over the image.
  • Be sure not to scorch or burn the image or garment.
  • Any type of heat can be used. Heat tunnels, ovens, even the humble household iron, can all be used. If using contact heat (for instance an iron), use a tea towel or another piece of cotton cloth over the image to iron on. Do not iron directly over the print.

Heat Fixing Times and Temperatures

Heat fixing times and temperatures vary. However, as a guide:

Cotton, calico, linen, rayon: 4-5mins at 140c-180c.
Synthetic, nylon, polyester, tetron, acrylic: 5-8mins at 115c-130c.

Important projects warrant a test. Tests should always be done on the fabric to determine maximum temperatures (to avoid the fabric or the image being scorched or burnt) and times required to make the image fast. Test by heat fixing a test strip and washing in a heavy-duty cycle.