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Logan FoamWerks W-1001 Kit

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SKU 9104203

This FoamWerks kit is best for use with 5mm foam board. Perfect for architectural and room models, craft projects, home decor, holiday & school projects. All features quick-change blades and ergonomic designs.

The Logan W1001 FoamWerks Kit contains all the basic FoamWerks tools including the Rabbet Cutter, Freestyle Cutter and Straight/Bevel Cutter plus a 32€� (81cm) Channel Rail and free copy of the 72 page full colour FoamBoard Magic book.

All the tools included are designed for cutting 3/16€� (4.7mm) standard foam board. Includes 3 each extra blades WC and WB. 

Kit includes:

  • WC4010 Rabbet Cutter
    Used to create rabbet edges on 3/16€� (4.7mm) foamboard to create perfect 90 degree corners.
  • WB6020 Freestyle Cutter
    Used to follow traced designs or to freestyle cut shapes from 3/16€� (4.7mm) foamboard.
  • WC6010 Straight Bevel Cutter
    Used to straight cut or downsize 3/16€� (4.7mm) foamboard at either a 90 degree or 45 degree angle. Can be used against the FoamWerks W3001 Channel Rail for straight cuts.
  • W3001 Channel Rail
    Used to guide various FoamWerks tools. Features a 32€� (81cm) length with scaled edge on one side and rubberized non slip base.
  • W252 FoamBoard Magic Book
    72 page full colour guide filled with many projects using standard foam board and Logan FoamWerks tools.

A note on caring for your Foamwerks tools: Always use a scrap piece of foam board underneath your work to protect the tools and extend the life of the blades. Change blades regularly for best results.