Gedeo Crystal Resin

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The Pébéo Gédéo Crystal Resin has been acclaimed by professional decorators and crafters for over ten years. Transparent, robust and easy to work thanks to its simple dosing! Its two component epoxy system (resin and hardener), allows a surprising glass paste effect. Gédéo Crystal Resin is ideal for the production of castings, inclusions, bottoms of platters, jewellery creation, coatings, decorating surfaces, laminates, and can also be used as a protective varnish. Ideal for glass, ceramic, metal, silicone, painted wood and plastic. Hardens in 12 to 24 hours. Cleans with soap and water.
This transparent resin may be mixed with Gedeo Colour Resins to create unlimited shades and effects. It dries within 24 hours to a shiny, hard, non-yellowing finish.