Golden Acrylic Digital Ground White

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GOLDEN Digital Ground White (Matte) A semi-opaque white ground suitable for printing onto a large variety of porous and non-porous surfaces.  The smooth and absorbent surface allows printing inks to dry rapidly, making it an ideal choice for all ink-jet printers, including desktop models that have ejection rollers or pizza wheels that come into contact with the printed surface.  Digital Ground White (Matte) is an ideal starting product for artists exploring digital printing. DO NOT FREEZE. Frozen product will become unusable.

GOLDEN Digital Ground Clear (Gloss) A clear gloss ground for use on most porous surfaces where clarity is required to view underlying materials.  Like most clear ink-jet receptive coatings, prints done on this ground will dry more slowly, which can cause tracking problems for desktop printers that have ejection rollers or pizza wheels.