Large Refillable Sumi Brush with Piston

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UArt Large Refillable Sumi Brush with Piston great for watercolour and ink.

Fine soft natural hair, create fine to broad line with a single stroke. Use drawing or painting ink. Perfect for calligraphy or watercolour.

Brush is equipped with built-in ink tank, great for cleaner work-spaces or on the go art. Also saves time of repeated dipping while you work.


Brush head size:

10mm (at ferrule) in diameter, 39mm in length


How to use:

  1. Remove the cap
  2. Dip the entire brush head into water to wet the hair
  3. Hold the clear barrel with one hand and screw the black brush handle to position the valve at the top
  4. Put the brush head into ink and screw handle gently for absorbing the ink into the tank
  5. If there is empty space in the tank, revert the brush and poinnt the head up. Screw the handle to lift the valve up until no more empty space
  6. Repeat step 4 until the tank is almost full
  7. Draw or paint slowly
  8. In case brush head has not enough ink, screw the handle gently and make the valve push the ink into the head until the brush head as enough ink
  9. Empty the ink tank and clear the brush head after use