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Lauscaux Acrylic Adhestive D498 1Lt

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SKU 9101380

Lascaux Acryl Emulsion D498-M is a pure acrylic resin dispersion containing wetting agents.

Colourlesss, lightfast, age & weather resistant.

Binder with good adhesive properties.

Dries to a transparent and waterproof film.


For preparing acrylic colours with powder pigments and water-based pigment preparations, primers, modelling pastes and for the setting of mosaic stones. As adhesive for paper, cardboard and fabric on absorbent supports such as paper, cardboard, fibreboard, wood, plaster, mortar, concrete, etc. Can be mixed with cellulose or starch paste as required to provide the desired bonding strength or water resistance.


To prepare small quantities of acrylic colours, powdered pigments can be worked directly into Acrylic Emulsion D 498-M with a palette knife or bristlebrush. Wetting is improved by working the pigment into a stiff paste with Acrylic Emulsion D 498-M diluted in a proportion of 1 to 9 with water and then adding further amount of pure Acrylic Emulsion D 498-M as necessary.