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Matisse Artist Light Modellling Paste 250ml

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MM32 Light Modelling Paste is a new modelling compound that has the same qualities as our regular MM2 Impasto Medium, but with a lighter body and finish. Like traditional impasto products, Light Modelling Paste is used to build relief and texture and it can be used on its own or mixed with paint, ink or pigment.

Light Modelling Paste and Impasto Medium:
  • Light Modelling Paste is lighter in weight than regular impasto.
  • Light Modelling Paste dries to a matte white finish unlike Impasto, which dries to a cream, satin-gloss finish.
  • Both take acrylic paint well.
  • Both can be blended together for interesting textural effects.
  • The slight texture of the Light Modelling Paste makes it suitable for use with dry pastels where the texture of Impasto may be too smooth to be suitable for this purpose.

Many artists use texture as means of expression in their paintings. Acrylic paints are generally known for their thicker consistency. However, they may not be thick enough to create the kinds of tactile textures sought by an artist. Although MM2 Impasto Medium is used to increase the body of acrylic paints, modeling compounds are sometimes needed to achieve more highly textured surfaces, as they retain the indentations and peaks made when applied and manipulated.

Derivan has created a unique variation on traditional impasto mediums called Light Modelling Paste. As the name suggests, this product contains a lighter-density filler that results in a lighter version of MM2 Impasto Medium. It dries to an off-white opaque finish with a grainy, absorbent surface. This product is particularly good for creating high peaks of varying sizes; it is flexible and does not shrink when it dries. It is compatible with all Derivan acrylic paints and products (ie: Inks) and comes in 250ml screw-top jars.

MM32 Light Modelling Paste is a very light product in terms of weight and can be used in large quantities that will not cause canvas to stretch or sag. Straight from the container, Light Modelling Paste is a frothy, grainy compound that can be applied with either a firm-bristled brush or palette knife. Although this medium can be applied to all rigid substrates (ie: board, canvas panels, etc), its light texture and flexibility makes it an excellent choice for applying to thick paper as well as canvas. It is non-toxic when used as directed. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for use as an adhesive.