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Mepxy Alcohol Design Marker Sets (Greys)

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Mepxy Markers employ an entirely new ink formulation. Colourful MEPXY markers easily create effects and looks other markers can't begin to touch. They perform flawlessly on practically any surface. MEPXY inks are translucent which permits drawings being coloured to show through in detail. You can layer different colours or blend layered colours for 3D effects and subtle shadowing. The MEPXY design marker offers outstanding performance in all areas of design and illustration and the versatile tips produce a range of fine lines to wide colour fills. Fast drying, permanent and non toxic alcohol base. Mepxy Markers are perfect for manga, scrapbooking, crafts, marker art, rubber stamping and safe colouring for fun.


The Design Marker:

This Marker has a detail tip and a chisel tip on the other end.