Mini Tracer Projector

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The Mini Tracer is the perfect art projector for beginning artists and crafters. This new compact and portable art projector makes it fun and easy to project and enlarge up to 8 times your designs, patterns, lettering, sketches, even small objects. Simply place the image or object under the projector, turn on the switch, focus, and project in full colour onto a wall, canvas, paper, fabric, or virtually any vertical surface. Then trace, paint, and finish as desired. The Mini Tracer will help you to be more creative and have more fun! Specifications: Copy size: 9 cm X 9 cm (3 1/2in X 3 1/2in). Projection range: 4 to 8 times enlargement. Electrical: 23Ov and 115 v. Net Weight: 9 kg (2 lbs.). Illumination: 100 Watts Maximum. Fan cooled, thermally protected.