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RGM New Age Palette Knives

Original price $17.15 - Original price $19.55
Original price
$17.15 - $19.55
Current price $17.15

Special water-resistant mirror blade. The unique edges can be used when painting with acrylics and oil paints to €œrelief€ effects, a variety of thicknesses and variegated layers. These new knives are created for all relief pastes, such as mortar, gels (matt gel, gloss gel, heavy gel), modelling pastes, gesso.

No.3 €“ Point

The drop shape form makes it very easy to use this knife with a slight pressure on the blade, and a semi-circular motion, it allows us to obtain the petals or leaves of unique effects.

No.4 €“ Saw

The peculiarity of this palette knife over the extreme versatility and flexibility, allows us to highlight sharp and jagged signs.

No.6 €“ Ripple

The flexibility of this palette knife allows you to make gentle movements of colour, with thick relief well-defined and clear colours.

No.9 €“ Fan

The peculiarity of this palette knife from its small nicks, allows easy application of colour suitable for many applications due to it€™s flexibility and the effect that will be obtained will be unique.

No.13 €“ Fingers

The peculiar shape, the sensitivity and flexibility of the blade makes this product unique, ensuring an easy application of the colour, creating beautiful effects, as small drops of dew, significant impacts and effects.

No.19 €“ Prong

This palette knife from the traditional form is distinguished by its two cuts, allowing us to be able to play with an ex-relief effects of colours, such as the petals, pistils etc.

No. 26 €“ Ribbon 

A flexible and soft comb-shaped palette knife designed to give effects to the colour similar or alternative to the brush.

No. 31 €“ Oval Shape

The peculiarity of the oval shape of this palette knife and the extreme versatility and flexibility is exposed in creating relief effects with rich colours.