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Roymac Revolution Rigger Taklon Brush

Original price $9.50 - Original price $15.75
Original price
$9.50 - $15.75
Current price $9.50

The Roymac Revolution Rigger Taklon Brush is a short handle brush with a fine, thin tip, making it the perfect choice for calligraphy, script writing, or fine detail work.

The long bristle length allows artists to apply paint continuously in their line work, without having to keep reloading with paint.

The synthetic taklon bristles used in the Roymac Revolution Taklon Brush range are manufactured with microscopic pock marks to replicate the scaling of natural fibres. This allows for greater holding capacity and a smooth, even release of colour. The synthetic bristles on the Roymac Revolution range also allow for sharper points and edges, and result in superior spring and recovery of the bristles due to the fibre elasticity.

This brush is suitable for use with acrylic, gouache, ink, watercolour, and mixed media mediums.