Roymac Revolution Taklon Brushes various shapes & sizes

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The rigger is also known as a script liner. The extra length hair allows the user to have continuity of colour application in lineal work without having to keep reloading. Best results are achieved by using the entire length of hair. Short handle.

The mitre is similar in shape to a filbert brush but features a sharper angled shape, which leads to a fine detail point. Suitable for thin to broad strokes and excellent for lineal work. Short handle.

Good belly size on the round is useful for carrying colour to cover larger areas. Tapered point on brush head allows the painting of finer details. Short handle.

The Filbert is shaped at the tip like an oval, this versatile brush produces a smooth, rounded stroke and is ideal for soft edging effects. Ideal for sketching work, thin to broad strokes, shape details and highlights. Short handle.

Flat wash brush with long fibres is easy to load with pigment. Ideal for long strokes, broad colour coverage, background washes and great for glazing. Short handle.