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Schmincke College Lino Print Inks

Original price $8.90 - Original price $55.95
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$8.90 - $55.95
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Schmincke College Lino colours dry to a wipe resistant finish within 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the application. They're ideal for making colourful linoprints on surfaces such as paper, felt, and cardboard but can also be used for wood engraving and material prints on cork, vulcanized rubber, or foamed polystyrene. The ink cleans easily from printing blocks and tools using just water. The inks are not water resistant.

    • Cardboard set 5 x 75 ml in a new design-  Apart from the classic shade black, it contains yellow, red, blue and white for various colourful linoprints on diverse surfaces such as paper, felt or cardboard. The colours and also be used for wood engraving as well as material prints with cork, vulcanised rubber or foamed polystyrene.
  • Low-odour, water-based linoprint colours
  • Even printing results
  • Good miscibility with each other and with all LINO mediums.

This odourless and water soluble lino print colour is easy to use and thus offers an easy introduction to the technique of lino printing. The selected colours offer even printing results when used directly from the tube or mixed with each other, and are suitable for educational purposes as a result of the colour properties and the good value for money. The colour palette can be expanded extensively by mixing the colours.