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Schmincke Linoprint Ink Set

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SKU 9102240

The water-based, high-quality aqua Linoprint colours contain natural binders such as gum Arabic as well as organic/inorganic pigments. They are easy to apply due to optimum open times and result in even, sharp prints with fast drying times (wipe-resistant after approx. 15 minutes). All colours offer maximum light fastness (4 and 5 stars) and an excellent intensity (especially black). Due to its fluid consistency all aqua Linoprint colours can easily be applied to different surfaces such as paper, felt, cardboard and suitable also for wood engraving and printing with various materials. The smooth colours are of pleasant odour and can be overprinted with other colours. They are intermixable, ready to use and can be diluted with water.

Finest artists´ water-based aqua LINOPRINT

Cardboard set with 5x 20 ml tubes


  • 100 - Titanium white
  • 210 - Permanent yellow
  • 330 - Magenta
  • 440 - Cyan
  • 735 - Ivory black