Schmincke Mussini Finest Artists' Resin Oil 35ml COLOURS

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Finest artists resin-oil colours (Series 10)

  • Globally unique artists natural resin-oil colours
  • Based on old masters formulations̴
  • 101 colours + 7 gold shades with maximum brilliance and purity of which 64 single-pigment colours̴
  • A wide variety of single-pigment colours̴
  • 42 exquisite translucent colours̴
  • Premium artists pigments in highest concentrations̴
  • Maximum possible lightfastness̴
  • Balanced drying process̴
  • Tension-free and durable colour-layers
  • Available in following sizes: 108 colours in 35 ml tubes, 32 colours in 150 ml tubes.


MUSSINI- unique in the world!

The globally unique artists natural resin-oil colours MUSSINI arise from the tradition of Italian painting schools and were named after Professor Cesare Mussini, who worked at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. The special feature of these finest professional artists colours is primarily due to the basic knowledge of the old masters, which has been retained until today, of combining selected artists' oil with natural resin.

The range.

The MUSSINI range comprises a total of 101 colours + 7 gold shades; 64 of these are single-pigment colours that guarantee brilliant mixing results. In addition, the range has 42 exquisite, transparent and semi-transparent colours. Exceptional dark values, such as atrament, dove grey, sfumato, but also delicacies such as cobalt turquoise, Byzantine blue, Caesar purple, Florentine red, yellowish-green Ural or Mediaeval yellow represent the unique fascination of MUSSINI.

Finest pigments, oils and resins

The high luminosity and the best lightfastness of all colours and the pleasantly pasty consistency are highly valued by oil painters all over the world. For MUSSINIonly the best traditional and some newly developed artists' pigments are used in maximum concentration. The individual compositions of the pigments with traditional binders such as linseed oil, safflower oil and sunflower oil and parts of the best natural resin solutions (damar) provide excellent light refraction properties, increased luminosity and particularly durable colour layers.̴Ì_

The unique drying properties̴Ì_

The excellent drying properties of MUSSINIresin-oil colours come from the fact that the oil parts of the colours increase in volume by absorbing oxygen, while the solvents of the natural resin solution evaporate, thus ensuring a shrinkage in volume. These balancing processes create tension-free and even drying of the colour layers and thus guarantee the longevity of the painting.

Mussini has an unlimited ability to mix and combine with all Schmincke oil colours - including Norma, Akademie & College Oils. As well as traditional oil mediums.