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Sennelier Standard Oil Pastels Set 36

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Beautiful hand-made wooden boxes with dovetail corners and brass fittings. The European maple boxes are stained and lacquered.

The world's finest oil pastels were originally created in 1949 by Henri Sennelier for Pablo Picasso. Picasso, a frequent patron of Henri's art supply shop across from the Louvre, was looking for a vibrant coloured pastel he could use to paint on anything, eg. wood, metals, paper, canvas, etc. Picasso enjoyed the immediacy of children€™s crayons and soft pastels, but wanted to be able to use their freer, gestural qualities on all surfaces, and wanted them to be professional quality and lightfast. Sennelier's first oil pastels have since been the hallmark and long-time standard of the medium.  

Key Features:
  • Sets to fit every budget!
  • Highly pigmented and lightfast
  • Draw on virtually any surface!
  • Unlike oil paint, substrates do not require priming
  • Soft, creamy application of color
  • Available in open stock of 120 vibrant colors (including iridescent, metallic and fluorescent colors)
Perfect For:
  • Sketching in color
  • Mixed Media Artists
  • Professional Artists
  • Plein Air - no need to lug brushes, solvents, palette, etc.!
  • Beautiful wood boxed sets make perfect gifts!
  • Set of 36 standard pastels Code: N132560.36