Super Prism Projector

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The Super Prism professional quality projector offers increased performance and special features to make scaling art-work and designs faster and easier than ever before. Features 500 watts of photo quality lighting for a whiter and brighter image. A generous 7 inch x 7 inch glass covered copy area makes for easy placement of large copy books, or small 3D objects. New magnetic latches and an arcing spring clip keeps copy securely in place. A dual channel cooling system and a safety thermal overload circuit protects copy from overheating. The Prism projectors will help you get to the creative part faster. Features a 3 element, colour corrected lens for extra sharp images and increased brightness. Ideal for working from a variety of more challenging originals like photographs, half-tones, and highly detailed drawings. Enlarges originals from 3 to 20 times. Specifications: Copy size 7 inch x 7 inch (17.8cm x 17.8cm), Illumination 2/250 watt photo lamps, Horizontal Range is 300% to 2000%, Electrical 110V 3.3 amps, Net Weight is 9Ibs.(18.2kg), Warranty 5 years.