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Zinc Plated Self Tapping Screws (Box 1000)

Original price $23.00 - Original price $35.00
Original price $23.00
$11.00 - $17.00
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Zinc plated self tapping screws, boxes of 1000 various gauges and lengths

Gauge indicates the head size: 4 Gauge is approximately 4mm across the screw head and is suitable for light weighted and smaller framed works using the narrow D Rings or smaller D Rings. The 6 Gauge is approximately 6mm across the screw head and is more suitable for larger heavier works using the Wide D rings. Also keep in mind the length of the screws if you have a deep frame use longer screws. 

G4SCREW6 - 4 gauge, 6mm length. (1/4") 1000 per box.

G4SCREW10 - 4 gauge, 10mm length. (3/8") 1000 per box.

G6SCREW10 - 6 gauge, 10mm length(3/8") 1000 per box.

G8SCREW16 - 8 gauge, 16mm length. (5/8") 1000 per box.