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Langridge Handmade Oil Colour – Whites

Langridge Handmade Oil Colour – Whites

What are Langridge Oil Colours?

On the palette, Langridge Oil Colours have the most complete chromatic strength, provide strong tinting power, excellent lightfastness and colour mixing potential. All Langridge Handmade Oil Colours are made without modifiers, opacifiers, fillers, or other materials that might degrade the pigment's clarity or brightness. These oil paints made by Langridge are a high-performance professional artist grade oil paint produced in Melbourne, Australia. Because the true individuality of each pigment has not been obstructed, the Langridge Handmade Oil Colours have not been adulterated.

Our Langridge Whites

The Langridge whites range from our intense Titanium White and Titanium Zinc White, through to the versatile Zinc White.

All of the Langridge whites are milled in non-yellowing refined Safflower Oil and keep their sharp brightness when inferior whites have taken on a golden “gallery tone”.

Our Titanium White is dense, opaque and extraordinarily strong thanks to uncommonly high pigment loading. Langridge Zinc White is beautifully buttery, slightly transparent, so  perfect for tinting.  If looking for the superior mixing properties of Zinc with the powerful dominance of Titanium try our uniquely blended Titanium Zinc White.

Our whites selection complement each other well on the palette, offering the artist a broad range of choice when used either straight or in colour tints.

 Browse more of our Langridge range here.

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