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Arches Velin d'Arches White Printmaking Papers

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Arches Velin d'Arches White Printmaking Paper is made with 100% cotton, giving it good mechanical strength with a pronounced fine-grain surface ideal for academic drawing. It allows artists to play with the surface to obtain relief effects and is easily erasable without leaving marks or linting. The paper is made using a traditional process on a cylinder mould, where the slow turning of the cylinder enables the fibres to be deposited evenly and spread in all directions over the wire.

Arches Velin d'Arches White Printmaking Paper is homogeneous and has good dimensional stability, making it much easier to position humidified paper when printing. Additionally, the paper can easily withstand repeated passages through the press.

Arches Velin d'Arches White Printmaking Paper is lightly sized, giving it a smooth, absorbent surface and its ink-loving properties that are appreciated by art publishers.

Calcium carbonate is added to give the Arches Velin d'Arches White Printmaking Paper an alkaline reserve that protects it against acid attack from the environment. It is acid-free, with no optical brightening agents added.

Size: 56cm X 76cm
Colour: White

Suitable for use with pencil, pastel, charcoal, sanguine crayon, felt pen, lithography, intaglio engraving, relief printing, linocut, letterpress, screen-printing, blind embossing, hot-foil stamping, bookbinding and collotype printing.

Available to purchase in multiples of 10 sheets.