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Arches Watercolour Paper Sheets (400mm x 500mm)

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Arches Watercolour Papers are perfect for watercolour painting and various wet techniques such as gouache, ink, and acrylic.

Arches Watercolour Paper consists of 100% cotton fibre, offering both strength and stability while maintaining it's natural white colour. This paper is robust, and capable of withstanding scrubbing, scratching, and erasing, all while allowing colours to be applied evenly.

Additionally, Arches Watercolour Paper boasts a unique feature: it is sized to the core with natural gelatin, an exclusive quality of Arches Papers. This means that even when soaked for an extended period, the paper maintains an optimal level of gelatin, preventing it from becoming overly absorbent.

Paper Size: 40cm X 50cm
Weight: 300gsm
Colour: Natural white

Multiple order quantity applies.