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Archival Oil Fast Evaporating Odourless Solvent

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$21.75 - $32.25
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Archival Odourless Solvent has been a favourite with Australian artists since it was released back in the '80s and we are proud to announce a new fast drying version of this popular solvent.

The original Odourless Solvent will still be available but now you have more Odourless Solvent options. The new Fast Evaporating Odourless Solvent dries about 16 times quicker than the original formula and even slightly quicker than turpentine. This makes it an ideal turpentine substitute because it can be used for laying in and all the other situations where turpentine would normally be used. Oil paints diluted with it rapidly tack up as soon as the solvent evaporates, just like they do with turpentine.

By contrast when the original Odourless Solvent is used the oil paint can be blended all day and should be dry the following day. Original Odoulress solvent can be used for 'oiling out' however the Fast Evaporating version dries too quickly for this purpose.

The chemicals used to make Archival Fast Evaporating Odourless Solvent are low in odour and toxicity so even though they evaporate very fast they are a safe, healthier alternative to traditional oil painting mediums and solvents.