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Art Spectrum Liquid Spectrum Ink 50ml

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Art Spectrum® Liquid Spectrum Inks are brilliant, water-resistant, non-toxic, lightfast ASTM 1 & 2 colours that have twice the pigment concentration of standard ink ranges. The colour strength allows them to be diluted to Watercolour like washes or used undiluted to make bold, vibrant artworks. When intermixed and used in conjunction with Liquid Spectrum Metallics this range creates an unlimited vibrant palette for the artist. Blue Wool Scale ratings of 6,7,& 8 are considered permanent for artistic purposes.



Removable, Non-Spill Stopper

Liquid Spectrum bottles are fitted with a convenient non-spill stopper to prevent accidental spillage. From this, ink can be dispensed drop by drop or in a steady stream into palettes, airbrush reservoirs etc. If you wish to access larger quantities of ink or use a dip-pen or brush, simply remove the stopper by inserting the point of a skewer (or similar object) into the hole and gently levering out.

Colour Mixing

Liquid Spectrum concentrated colours allow easy and unlimited colour mixing. The "non-spill" stopper makes drop by drop dispensing of colour easy. No more clogged pipettes! Many superb colours can be obtained with simple 1:1 or 2:1 mixes if the basic colours. Opaque pastel shades can be obtained by adding equal amounts of white to a colour, or create a beautiful range of metallics by adding one part colour to four or five parts Pearlescent.


Liquid Spectrum is a non-toxic, acrylic based artists€™ colour. It is suitable for use with brush, pen, colourshapers or airbrush and will adhere to most clean, non-greasy surfaces including paper, board, metal, glass, certain types of plastic, acetate and fabric.

The brilliant transparent colours of Liquid Spectrum have many applications. They can be used wet in wet, for graduated and multi-coloured washes, for tinting paper, calligraphy, multi-media works and even as a 'traditional' watercolour when diluted with water.

Oil Painting

The quick drying, high pigment content and strong adhesive qualities of Liquid Spectrum make it ideal for toning grounds and as a thin underpainting for oil colours. Stain type washes or deep, saturated areas are easily created. Excellent for blocking in areas of colour prior to overpainting with transparent or opaque oil colour (ensure Liquid Spectrum is dry before overpainting).  Sgraffito effects can be created by scraping or drawing into the wet paint with a Colourshaper or painting knife to reveal the Liquid Spectrum undercolour.

Coloured Grounds

Art Spectrum Artists' Gesso (for oil and general painting) and Colourfix Primer White and Clear (for pastel and multi-media) can be tinted with Liquid Spectrum inks to create single and multi-coloured grounds.

Enamel Effects

Pouring, dropping or trailing Liquid Spectrum onto a rigid support (heavy paper, board, timber, glass) can create slightly raised areas of shiny, enamel-like colour. Heavy or multiple layers of brushed ink will also dry with varying degrees of gloss. Absorbent surfaces will produce a flat effect, whereas sized or primed surfaces will enhance the enamel effect.


Watercolour paintings that are water resistant when dry are easily created with Liquid Spectrum Concentrated Inks. Dilute with water to create superb, transparent washes. Heavily diluted washes will become re-soluble (more like €˜traditional€™ watercolour). If desired, water resistance can be restored by the addition of Liquid Spectrum Extender/Medium.


Using Liquid Spectrum Concentrated Ink only, it is possible to create multi-coloured paper collages. Being a relatively strong, highly pigmented acrylic adhesive, no other glue or paint is required. Lightweight papers, including tissue, can be saturated or painted with Liquid Spectrum and applied wet to a sized ground such as watercolour paper.


The intense, permanent colours of Liquid Spectrum Inks make them ideal for calligraphy. Use with brush or all types of calligraphy pens. Be sure to wash equipment in water soon after use.


Liquid Spectrum Inks are ideal for use in airbrushes. They can be used straight from the bottle, or diluted with water. The addition of Fabric Medium opens up the creative possibilities for T-shirt and textile design.

As Liquid Spectrum is a fast drying, acrylic based ink, care must be taken to clean airbrushes in water soon after use.  Dried ink can be removed with Liquid Spectrum Cleaner.