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Art Spectrum Pigmented Ink 50ml

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Colour: Yellow

Pigmented Inks are greatly superior to traditional dye based inks that fade rapidly.

Art Spectrum® Pigmented Inks are fast drying, lightfast ASTM 1 & 2, water-resistant, non-toxic, intense colours with a smooth even flow that can be used as transparent washes, layered tints or bold fields of strong colour. Because they are pigmented they do not fade like traditional dye based inks and will intermix cleanly.

Use with brushes, drawing and calligraphy pens and airbrushes on most clean, non greasy surfaces such as paper, board, wood and primed canvas. Ideal for multi-media artwork.

13 strong, brilliant colours - Made in Australia
Clean, intense colours that dilute with water.

Fast drying, water resistant when dry

Exceptionally smooth flow
Gives even washes without patchiness.

Clean, bright, strong colours - allows for clean intermixing

May be overlaid for deeper tints
For pale tints add white. For deep tones add black.

Can be diluted for transparent water colour effects

Versatile, excellent for airbrushing*, technical pens
All types of drawing/calligraphy pens and brushes - wash equipment in water soon after use.

Suits most surfaces
The acrylic-resin based vehicle adheres well to a wide range of clean, non-greasy, dust free surfaces such as paper, Colourfix paper, board, metal, glass, plastic, acetate and primed canvas.

Economical and convenient
50ml & 500ml bottle comes with handy pipette for accurate mixing.
Assorted set of 6 available.

Equipment cleans with water
Wash equipment soon after use. Liquid Spectrum Cleaner will dissolve dried ink and remove residues. Soak, shake and rinse with clean water.

Uses & effects possible

  • Tint papers for pastels.
  • Wet on wet techniques (wet and stretch paper).
  • Rich colour overlays
  • Make use of Liquid Spectrum Cleaner for interesting effects. Draw, splash or brush Liquid Spectrum Cleaner onto dried colours €“ wait one minute €“ then blot off with a clean moist tissue, sponge or cloth to reveal the original paper surface. (More effective on-acid free papers.)
  • These are some suggestions €“ experiment!