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Atelier Interactive Acrylic Artist Paint 1Lt

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Atelier Interactive Acrylic Artist Paint changes the painting process because the paint does not form a skin and dry in 10 to 15 minutes. These interactive paints allows reblending and reworking all day. In dry conditions you will need to replace water being lost through evaporation by spraying from time to time.

Atelier Interactive Acrylic Artist Paint has a smooth, buttery consistency that dries satin.

They are very popular among artists as they lose moisture gradually allowing an artist to control the drying process. Wet in Wet painting can be altered, considered or developed in the artists own time rather than being dictated by fast drying paint. Wet over Dry painting can be easily integrated. Unresolved areas of a painting can be reworked and not just over painted.

They are also excellent for silkscreen, lino block and monotype printing processes.

  • Exceptional dilution with just water
  • Minimal colour shift as paint dries
  • Prolong the drying time by adding a small amount of Unlocking Formula into the paint