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Chromacryl Binder Medium

Original price $13.55 - Original price $68.15
Original price
$13.55 - $68.15
Current price $13.55

Chromacryl's Binder Medium can be mixed with Chromacryl or it can be used for a variety of other purposes;

  • it can be used to increase the paints gloss level, by simply mixing the Binder Medium into the paint wet in wet, to lift the gloss level to your preferred finish
  • as an excellent primer used to seal and prepare all painting surfaces for better adhesion, such as; paper, card, canvas or other modelling materials. Note: it can be painted into while it is still damp if necessary
  • it can also be used as a quick way of sealing 'porous' surfaces so that Chromacryl moves more freely
  • it is ideal for glazing techniques
  • it can be added to the paint and used for collage purposes
  • as an excellent adhesive for collage, paper pulp and papier-mâché applications
  • it dries to a clear finish, so you can mix it with a little water and Chromacryl for a bright, luminous glaze
  • and it can also be used by diluting it 50/50 with water as an excellent satin varnish