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Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium

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Chromacryl Clear Medium Gel

Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium is a clear medium extender that changes the coverage quality of paint and ink to achieve colour glazes without affecting pigments. It€™s great as a paint extender and for transparent glazing techniques. To produce a monotype choose a non-absorbent surface such as glass or plastic, apply the gel generously and paint the image into the wet medium - you can also scratch back. To take a print place a preferably absorbent paper over the image and use hand pressure to generate the print. When completed lift the paper from the block and the medium acts as a release agent to transfer the image onto the paper.

What can it be used for;

  • as mentioned above it is perfect for transparent glazing techniques
  • is ideal for monotype printing applications where it works as a release agent when printing
  • can be used as a reduction paste in silkscreen printing
  • it washes off surfaces and utensils with cold, soapy water (Note: please wash off immediately after use)
  • and, is Non-Toxic

Note: Depending on the effect required, add Gel Medium to paint or ink and mix thoroughly. For monoprinting spread gel over printing surface. Create the image on top of the gel using Chromacryl acrylics. Transfer the image to paper with simple hand pressure.