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Copic Sketch Marker Set 24

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This starter set is perfect for those venturing into comic illustration, offering a blend of vibrant colours, complementary blending shades, and a variety of skin tones.

Copic's distinctive inclusion of pale colours enables seamless gradation and blending techniques, yielding professional-quality results.

With pre-curated sets featuring colour combinations conducive to blending, users can easily start or expand their collection. The markers are housed in an acrylic case, keeping them organised and accessible for effortless navigation, aiding in the planning of ideal blends and colour schemes.

Copic Sketch stands as the ultimate graphic marker, renowned worldwide for its versatility. Featuring an iconic oval shape and dual-ended design, it boasts a Super Brush nib and a Medium Broad nib, perfect for expressive strokes, tonal building, colour blending, shading, intricate details, and broad coverage without streaks. Refillable and with replaceable nibs, these markers are crafted with the finest alcohol and dye-based inks, ensuring ultra-blendability and superior quality.