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Copic Sketch Marker Set 72

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A comprehensive range of fundamental colours commonly utilised in design and illustration, this collection comprises popular vibrant hues, subtle blending tones, and essential greys. For portrait and comic illustration purposes, it is suggested to incorporate several skin tone variations. To achieve the full spectrum of 358 Copic Sketch colours, one can combine Sketch 72 colour sets A, B, C, D, and E (note: E00 & 100 would result in duplication).

Commence or enhance your collection with thoughtfully curated sets featuring colour assortments suitable for blending, thus enabling the attainment of professional-grade outcomes. The markers are housed in an acrylic case for neat organisation and easy access, facilitating seamless navigation to aid in the planning of ideal blends and colour palettes.

Copic Sketch stands out as the ultimate versatile graphic marker, revered as a top seller globally. Its distinctive oval shape and dual-ended design incorporate a Super Brush nib and a Medium Broad nib, ideal for expressive strokes, tonal building, colour blending, shading, intricate details, precise lines, and large, streak-free coverage. Refillable and equipped with replaceable nibs, these markers boast unparalleled blendability and are crafted using the finest quality alcohol and dye-based inks available.