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Daniel Smith Gouache Paints 15ml

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$22.75 - $36.05
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Colour: Buff Titanium (S1)

Daniel Smith Gouache Paints are a professional artist-grade media that produces a premium, opaque, matte finish. They can be rewet, diluted and can be easily cleaned in water. Daniel Smith Gouache Paints are suitable for artists who are seeking a premium, highly pigmented gouache or for those familiar with Daniel Smith Watercolours and are looking to try something new.

They can be applied to watercolour paper straight from the tube, or mixed with water to create soft, ethereal forms. Daniel Smith Gouache Paints are also suitable for use with canvas, the full-bodied paint can be scraped and built up to create texture and dimension in your work.

Daniel Smith Gouache Paints are crafted from the same exceptional pigments and gum arabic as Daniel Smith Extra Fine™ Watercolours, but offer a more opaque, dense colour.