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Daniel Smith Luminescent Watercolour Paints 15ml

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Daniel Smith Watercolours are a superior-quality watercolour paint formulated to meet and exceed the highest industry standards. Every batch is analysed for its performance qualities – lightfastness (rated LR1 or 11), colour value, tinting strength, clarity, vibrancy, undertone, particle size, density and viscosity.

Capture shimmer, shine and light with these specialty Daniel Smith Luminescent Watercolour Paints that feature optical effects found in nature. The luminous quality of this palette is often seen with the sheen of a bird’s feathers, the colour shifting of fish scales, or the sparkle of reflections in water. Use them alone or mix them with standard colours for striking effects.

  • Iridescent: Reflection - particle of light hits paint/pigment matrix and bounces back, much like a mirror.
  • Interference: Refraction - particle oflight enters the paint/pigment matrix and scatters light. They take on different hues depending on how the light is striking them various points of view.
  • Duochrome: is one pigment that bounces between two colours.
  • Pearlescent: adds opalescence (like an opal or pearl) to the colour.

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Daniel Smith Luminescent Watercolour Paint Colour Chart