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Daylight Halo Go Portable Lamp with Magnifier

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This ultra-portable lamp featuring a built-in magnifier is equipped with a USB rechargeable battery. It maintains consistent brightness throughout its full 8-hour runtime. The LEDs are positioned around the magnification lens to ensure uniform lighting across your project. It provides 5 dioptres (2.25X) magnification with a 12 dioptres (4.0X) inset lens for focusing on intricate details. Additionally, it folds flat for easy storage and transport.

Keay Features: 

  • Magnification: Provides 5 dioptres (2.25X) magnification with a 12 dioptres (4.0X) insert lens for detailed work.
  • Rechargeable Battery: USB rechargeable battery with included cable (1.5mtr).
  • Run Time: Up to 8 hours on the 2nd setting, with a 6-hour full charge time and 4 hours on full brightness.
  • Battery Indicator: Indicates the remaining battery level.
  • Lens Diameter: Features a 9cm diameter lens.
  • Portability: Folds flat for convenient storage and transport.
  • Illumination: Emits 315 lumens with a color temperature of 6000K and CRI of 80+.
  • Lux at 15cm: Provides 4000 lux of illumination at a distance of 15cm.
  • Guarantee: Comes with a 2-year guarantee.
  • Dimensions: Stands at 29cm in height with a light head diameter of 12.5cm.