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Derivan Block Inks 250ml

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Colour: Lemon Yellow

Derivan Blockprinting Inks are high quality water-based inks, ideal for lino block or monotypes. They are suitable for use at any level, from student to professional, and have excellent permanency to ensure the longevity of your artworks.

With no harmful solvents or vapours, and easy-to-clean with just water and soap, these matte inks are a brilliant non-toxic option for an ink with the feel of professional-grade printing inks.

Derivan Block Ink remains open on the block for a good amount of time, but once printed the ink will dry quickly to allow for layering. If a longer open time is required, you can mix the ink with Derivan Drying Retarder to slow the drying time.

All colours in this range can be intermixed to form additional hues, making Derivan Block Printing Inks a versatile medium for your lino printing. For best results, use a spatula to mix the colours on a sheet of glass or other non-porous surfaces.