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25% off Liquitex Mediums | Ends 15.08.22
25% off Liquitex Mediums | Ends 15.08.22

Derivan Face & Body Paint Starter Set 5 x 40ml

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SKU 1038510

The brilliant colours in these Derivan Face & Body Paint sets are especially formulated with a cosmetic base to protect the skin. Ideal for children's parties. Water based, non oily. Can be intermixed to produce delicate theatre shades. The paint will wash off with soap and water.

Used over barrier cream or hand moisturising cream. It can be left on for up to 6 hours. Keep the coats thin to avoid cracking. Do not apply the face paint too close to the eyes as the solid particles in the face paint may irritate the eyes. Recommended for professional make up artists, theatre groups and children's groups.