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Derwent Burnisher Blender Set

Original price $6.50 - Original price $31.85
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$6.50 - $31.85
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The Burnisher pencil is a hard colourless pencil which, when used over layers of colour provides a rich, polished finish. Burnishing pushes the pigment into the paper and leaves a photo like finish. It makes the colours look brighter and gives the image a reflective or polished look.

Blending pencils are used to blend colours, smooth out the coloured pencil layers and soften the hard edges of coloured pencil artwork. They make the colours very bright and vivid.

This comprehensive, hang-sell blister packed set contains 2 each of the burnisher and blender pencils plus an eraser and pencil sharpener.

Burnisher also sold separately.


Blenders available in pack of 2