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Derwent Graphic Pencils

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Derwent Graphic Pencils contain the finest graphite to create smooth and graduated lines. They are highly lightfast and can easily be removed with an eraser. The hexagonal 6.9mm barrel shape makes them easy to grip.

Derwent Graphic Pencils are available in grades from 9H to 9B. Prior to selecting a grade of pencil consider your requirements.

The H" stands for hardness and "B" for blackness therefore 9H has a hard lead that leaves fine and light marks great for when crisp detailed work is needed. In contrast 9B is very soft leaving dark bolder marks ideal for expressive sketching. This grade of pencil smudges easily.

A "B" grade Derwent Graphic pencil is softer and darker in colour and frequently used for drawing and shading.

A "HB" grade is a popular pencil for both writing and sketching.

You may want to use multiple grades of pencil for our artwork depending on the style and finish required.