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Derwent Metallic Pencils 20th Anniversary Set

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Discover the Derwent Metallic Pencils 20th Anniversary Set and explore a world of shimmering pigments, intense colours, and vibrant artwork! This unique set of 20 pencils is made to celebrate two decades of outstanding metallic artistry.

Designed with 3.4mm cores for effortless laydown, these hexagonal-shaped pencils have been specially created to transmit the expressive spirit of art onto paper. Their soft core provides smooth blending with minimal dusting, allowing you to create beautiful pieces that stand out from the page with their deep colours and rich hues.

Experience creative brilliance as you use these luminous pencils to produce amazing effects that sparkle off darker papers! Whether you’re creating stunning metallic images or shading intricate designs, these special celebratory pencils make for stunningly vivid results you’ll be proud of. Here’s to two decades of blissful creativity – make every anniversary memorable with Derwent Metallic Pencils 20th Anniversary Set!

Contains: Silver, Pewter, Graphite, Copper, Bronze, Antique Gold, Gold, Yellow, Silver Mint, Turquoise, Green, Blue, Ice Blue, Violet, Purple, Silver Rose, Pink, Red, Pink Gold and Rose Gold