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Derwent Metallic Watercolour Paint Pan Set

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Create masterpieces that truly shimmer and sparkle with the Derwent Metallic Watercolour Paint Pan Set! This compact set of 12 hues will be your go-to for creating mesmerising works of art.

Use the creamy paint to get the perfect opaque strokes, layer and blend colours together, or apply more water to achieve soft washes. Once dry, these extraordinary metallic pigments are highly reflective and work wondrously on both light and dark papers. And you can add even more variety by using this pallet in combination with Derwent Metallic Pencils - letting you unleash your artistic vision with every stroke. A must have any painting enthusiast, artist or professional for a selection of art and craft projects.

Set contains 12 blocks of metallic paint in Silver, Graphite, Gold, Pale Gold, Sunset, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Ice Blue, Lime Gold and Green, a mini water brush and a sponge (to create texture and effects). The flip open lid also doubles as a mixing palette.