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Derwent Studio Pencils

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Derwent Studio Pencils are ideal for finer details and outlines. Their harder wax core means that they are great for intricate areas such as feathers, grass blades, etc. They are best used for finer detail and covering smaller surface areas. 

Derwent Studio Pencils’ high-quality pigments can be quite vivid if applied heavily, or build up layers of tone gradually rendering a sense of depth within your artwork. They are suitable for all types of paper.

If applying heavy layers, use a stronger mixed media paper or drawing paper with a higher gsm. The harder core means the Derwent Studio Coloured Pencils hold up to pressure quite well, but avoid applying to much pressure as the hard point of the pencil can imprint or indent the paper.

They feature a slim 3.4mm core inside a 6.9mm hexagonal barrel which is easy to grip and is designed so that the artist has better control of the pencil.