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ESSDEE Standard Hard Rubber Rollers

SKU 9102667
Original price $15.05 - Original price $33.50
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$15.05 - $33.50
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English made Hard Rollers - Sturdy, hard rubber roller ideal for all types of printmaking. The rigid body and steel brackets give strength to the durable 70 shore EPDM rubber roller, enabling heavy use and out-performing natural rubber. Suitable for use with both water-based and oil-based inks and resistant to solvents. Features durable polypropylene handle, self-lubricating Nylon bearings, EPDM rubber surface, 30mm diameter roller with thicker rubber, aluminium core and steel shaft. It has been designed so that wet rollers can be turned over with the handle doubling as a stand.

The 250mm and 300mm rollers also feature a double handle.