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Faber-Castell Dual Point Artist Sharpener

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Built with a sturdy metal body and high-quality blade, the Faber-Castell Dual Point Artist Sharpener ensures that all of your pencils reach their peak performance for remarkable results.

The dual point design of this sharpener provides two holes – conveniently labelled ‘Colour’ and ‘Normal’ – allowing you to sharpen coloured pencils to a shorter and blunter point, as well as graphite pencils to a very thin point. With this versatile tool, you can easily bring out the best in both soft colour leads and hard graphite leads.

Create artworks with precision thanks to the Faber-Castell Dual Point Artist Sharpener. Whether you’re colouring or sketching, achieve greater detail and accurate lines with every stroke. It’s the perfect solution for any artist looking for maximum quality and performance!