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Fabriano 1264 Marker Pads

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Fabriano 1264 Marker Pads feature extra smooth, lightweight 70gsm paper that allows ink to be laid down easily on the surface. These pads are ideal for use with all alcohol, solvent, and water-based markers. The paper within is semi-transparent to allow for tracing and is sealed on the reverse side to prevent any bleed through of ink and marker applications.

Fabriano 1264 Marker Pads are gummed in a portrait orientation making removing the sheets quite easy.

Fabriano 1264 range are acid-free and archival, with pulp from FSC forests and 60% of power used in production comes from renewable sources.

  • Use With: Ink, Pen, Markers
  • Surface Weight: 70gsm
  • Acid Free